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Law of Attraction – 5 Reason Why Money is So Hard to Attract

Recently someone ask the question, “why is money so very hard to attract?” Lots of people who discover the laws of attraction want to know the answer to that very question. Many more people will continue to have a very hard time at trusting the law of attraction for the very reason that they are […]

Critical Research Results of the Money DVD-ROM

”; This is a ten step program that offers Master Resell Rights or Master Resale Rights to you all while learning the best information about making money online. The Money DVD-ROM is loaded with all kinds of things to sell and use for your own money making abilities, but we definitely won’t be able to […]


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Freud and the Small Business Owner

Freudian Clips… In 1923 Sigmund Freud authored a paper called The Ego and the Id, which is an analytical study of the human psyche. Called the Structural Theory, this theory categorizes psychological conditions into three divisions:  the Id, the Super-Ego, and the Ego.  The Id is best thought of as a newborn child driven by […]

Who really pays the Income Taxes?

With all the talk of the rich are not paying their fair share of taxes and the tax cuts earlier this decade only went to the rich, here are some facts to contemplate and you as the reader can make up your own opinion. Let’s look at some facts here from the latest statistics from […]

Want Money? You got it!

Want Money? You Got It! Six out of six people who were asked to list their highest priority in life said, “I want money”. Maybe not in those exact words, but that was the gist of the request. Understand, when you ask the Universe for something the Universe must help provide it. All six of […]

A Local Business Center gives your Business an Extra Edge

  Here are some of the common benefits that are explained below-   Meeting Rooms   As we all know that meeting rooms are an important aspect for any organization. Local Business center provide meeting rooms that are available in different sizes so as to accommodate the requirements of business meetings. It is possible for […]

MILLIONAIRE SECRETS – Your Value Determines Your Income

”; Why is value so much powerful and it determines some one’s income? To be able to answer this, you will need to understand what is value and how you can increase your value so that you can increase your income. This is what I’ve learn from Adam Khoo. A person’s income is determined by […]

Money – Money – and More Money

You have permission to publish this article electronicallyor in print, free of charge, as long as the bylines areincluded. A courtesy copy of your publication would beappreciated – send to: Money – Money – and More Money For over 20 years I have been fascinated with what it really takes to make a lot […]

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