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The Invention of Money



A long time ago money did not exist. People used a system of bartering for goods and services, but this was impractical. What if you carried your goods to the market and didn’t find what you want or no one wanted what you were trading? This could have created a lot of problems. To handle this solution, money was invented. Some people think they are working to make money or trading forex for a profit. This is not true.One does something for themselves or the company they work for and in return gets a paycheck. One doesn’t sit around and do nothing and get a check or collect trading forex profits. Money is an idea backed by confidence. It is nothing other than this.If I want to go on a trip to the Caribbean, it is really difficult to take a truckload of milk there. It is much easier and more practical to take a pocketful of money. When I get over there, if I want to buy something, I would need to trade in my money for the money of the country. The rate may not be equal. You may pay more or less for the good their.The invention of money came about to make buying goods and services easier on the consumer. It is much easier to carry something in your pocket, than in the back of a truck. The only problem that comes in is when money is bought and sold to make money or worse to collapse or hyper inflate the economy of another. These measures are only done to hinder, not help the countries. This is done by unscrupulous bankers, who have a chokehold on the countries, in which they “serve.” The only individual this serves is themselves. When people realize who the true enemies, they will be able to handle the real problems.Source: Free Articles from

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