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Finding Health Insurance For Low Income Families



There are currently some 47 million people in the United States without health insurance and the main reason given in a recent national survey was the high cost of insurance cover. But the cost of meeting your own medical bills without any form of health insurance is unthinkable for most people and so we have to find a solution somehow.The health care system in the United States is in a mess, dogged by poor management, high administrative costs, inflated prices and unbelievable waste and fraud. The result of this is that we now pay more than most industrialized nations for a health care system which leaves many people without any care at all and far too many others with inappropriate or poor quality care. And the situation is getting worse by the day and not better!In the longer term of course the solution must lie with the government and it is to be hoped that whoever ends up taking over the reigns as President next year will be able to do something to get us out of this mess. This however is not likely in the light of recent history and, whatever the case, it is not going to provide a solution in the short term.Fortunately, health insurance is a huge field and, while this can make it difficult to find what you are looking for, it also means that there are plans available to suit just about every situation and every budget. The secret lies in knowing how to find what you are looking for.Your starting point should be to look at exactly what sort of cover you need, rather than what sort of cover you want. For example, it might be nice to have a plan which covers you for chiropody but if your feet are fine then you can probably do without this particular service. So, sit down and list out carefully just what medical services you need to cope with accidents, unexpected illness and any known conditions. This should then be your starting point when it comes to getting cover and you should only ‘bolt on’ additional cover when it seems sensible and when you can afford it.Having decided what you need, you then need to look at just what you can afford to pay and remember that your plan costs are not simply the monthly premium, but will also include an annual deductible and other out-of-pocket expenses.The final step is then to hop online and search for a quote which will match your needs and budget and, while this may take a little time and some perseverance, with such a large health insurance market today you may be surprised to learn that you can still get adequate, if not ideal, cover at a price which you can afford.

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