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Locating Helpful Articles on Money


I have a problem with developing a budget and sticking to it. It only takes me a week to spend a two-week budget. I can’t stop myself from spending money on more frivolous items, and I can get in trouble when something comes up that needs immediate attention.

My spending habit presents a problem because I’m hoping to buy a car in a year. I simply lack the discipline for effective saving. Fortunately, I managed to find several articles on money with saving tips that allowed me to be a bit more creative in my attempts to cut down on some expenses and save extra cash.

Articles on money saving can tell you how to find coupons and shop outlets for clothing and groceries. Some articles can help you to find ways to decrease utility bills, conserve more gas, and give lots of tips that are purely common sense. The majority of articles on money saving I found were more informative but not very interesting. I’m a person who enjoys reading fresh new ways for saving extra cash and I can figure out the common sense methods on my own. I actually enjoyed reading a site that had tons of funny and creative articles on money saving. I immediately used one of the tips that I found. I found an old shoebox and taped the lid on it. I cut a small hole in the top of the lid and wrapped it with wrapping paper. My wife and I committed to put an undisclosed amount of money into the box on a daily basis.

My wife and I can’t open the box to take the money out and we can’t see inside of it. We agreed to not let the other one know how much we’re putting in the box each day. We also agreed on a date when we can open it up and spend that amount on a weekend getaway or for the car. In my opinionFind Article, it was a brilliant idea and a way to have some fun in the process of saving money.

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