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The Sales Pitch and the Hype on How to Increase Your Residual Income



Majority of sales pitches to increase residual income can be found over the Internet. They are always full of promises about how it can be done in the shortest time. There is also the promise of instant growth in your income and profits with the littlest effort involved. The tendency is for people to believe what is being said. One reason for this is that they all want to have loads of money, with little work and in the quickest manner. This is why many have fallen victims to those who are just full of empty promises.What you may not know is that the first step necessary in order to increase your residual income is to dismiss some of the myths that are believed to be true during the sales pitch. What are some of these myths?1. All you need is your own website.The common belief is that: by having your own website, everything else will follow easily. This is pure myth.A website is only a means to expose your business. It is just like your office. What your office needs are effective marketing strategies to have more clients. In addition, you cannot just leave your website as it is. You need to consider putting up advertising, order forms and customer service as a part of it. You can either do it by yourself or have a professional do it for you. When all aspects are considered, that is the time when you can sit back and wait for the profits to flow in. 2. Create your business and have other people operate it for you.This is effective if you already have a big business running. You will definitely enlist the help of capable workers to run some of the operations in your business.But if you are just starting and starting small, this option will not work out. Since this is your business, you have specific goals planned for it. Your goals may not be similar to the person running your business. You have invested some of your money in that business. It is apparent that you would want to get those back and more. By running the business yourself, you can study the accountabilities involved. You can also plan the budget depending on how much you can afford. Once the business is successful already, you can then hire people that are capable of running it smoothly and effectively for you.3. Increasing your residual income is very simple. This is pure hype. It is best not to believe those who are saying otherwise. Increasing your residual income is not that easy. It is going to take a lot of time, effort and perseverance on your part. You will be faced with problems and obstacles along the way. Moreover, there should be changes in strategies as you go along. What you are implementing now may not work later on. The thing to remember is to do things right, sit back and be patient. Dispelling of these myths about increasing your residual income will open your eyes to reality. It may not be as easy but there is really no other way around it.  You need to go over every step and every problem the way others before you have done.

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