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Why Property Investment for me?



There are 2 strategies in property investment. To gain higher returns with in short period through flipping (look for reputable developer, higher risk and need to have holding power if something unforeseen happened) or want to become financial independent through rental income. My current strategy is the later which is rental income as the source of passive income. Additional considerations that I choose property investment as my main investment vechile/strategy:-Make my money work harder for me-It is with acceptable/not high risk and with stable and predictable return-Not time consuming, only need to look for the property once and rent it out. Based on my experience so far with good tenant, I did not do anything for ~2yrs but only monitor the rental bank in to account monthly-Appreciation and let inflation to work for you. The cost to build a building or house will not be the same today vs 20yrs later with all the material, labour etc..cost increase over time-Practice and make use of the leveraging concept. With minimun let say 10% downpayment, we are able to own the property and start getting tenant to work for us-Serve as our retirement fund or children education funds

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Copyright@2009 cheehin, started property investment in Penang since 2007, currently acquired 4 properties in Penang. Goal is to achieve financial freedom thru property investment.

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