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The Idea Behind the Law of Attraction and Money



This law is about believing in the possibilities. It goes much deeper than your innermost desires and thoughts. This will happen at the level of where you dream. It is deep down in the unconscious level, or in what is considered the superconsciousness. Some consider this to be something like the Universe or God. When you reach down here, this is where you see what you really believe and perceive about life. Is life usually negative or positive? Your life’s vibrations come from this place and this is how the law knows what to return to you.If you are trying to attract money, you need to focus on bringing all of the different parts of yourself together. Every single part of you needs to be in harmony with one another. It means letting go of any misconceived ideas and negativity. This is very important because if they aren’t removed from your mind, the things you desire will never fall into your hands. This is where meditation and quiet moments pondering the idea become very useful. It allows you to calm down and reflect on what you already have, which is something we should do anyways. It is important to be grateful for the resources we already have in our possession.The Law of Attraction and money asks you to imagine receiving the money by a certain time. So, if you ask for an extra $25 by the end of the week, do you think it will happen? It shouldn’t be difficult or strenuous. What about receiving an extra $10,000 by the end of the week? Does some self-doubt come into play now? If you are experiencing inner resistance to money, you won’t receive what you need. This is where your belief system needs to be changed and transformed.This is why you need to change your whole mentality on money. It means creating a healthy love of it and believing it is useful, which is the whole idea behind the Law of Attraction and money.Source: Free Articles from

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