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Residual Income Opportunities: Create Streams Of Residual Income


There are many residual income opportunities available and creating streams of residual income is something Internet marketers are doing all around the world.

On the internet there are many residual income opportunities. Building multiple streams of residual income is something many Internet marketers are doing every day.

This article discusses three ways you could generate residual income that pays you in the future for work you are doing today.

1. Local business websites. A great deal has been written about doing marketing for local business owners.

An interesting twist on this is to build websites around local business keyword phrases. Once you get good rankings for these sites you can sell advertising to local business owners.

The fact that you own the site and make money on the advertising is the great thing about this approach. After a while you can have hundreds of these sites making you money.

You’ll find it is much easier to get high rankings for local business keyword phrases than it is for other more competitive phrases. This means it wouldn’t take a great deal of work for you to maintain these rankings and your income can continue even when you are not working.

2. MLM business. Make money on the efforts of others by building a downline in a network marketing business. As your group becomes larger the more money you will continue to make.

Something that works very well is to branch out and generate streams of income in more than one network marketing company. This allows you to protect yourself in case one specific opportunity begins to drop off.

The more opportunities you are in the more money you can make. You can set up systems for prospecting and sponsoring on the internet. This allows you to run a very hands-off business as it will even do the training for you.

3. Email marketing. Many internet marketers have mailing lists of thousands of people. You can develop residual income even when you are not working by storing these names in an email auto responder.

It is possible to pre-program your auto responder to send out messages several months in advance. Every time a message goes out that offers a product for sale you can make money.

You can develop a residual income selling products to your subscriber base as they get to know who you are. You can send out a new message, which only takes a couple of seconds to hit the submit buttonPsychology Articles, every time you want to make some extra money.

These are three residual income opportunities you can use to create streams of residual income. As a matter of fact you could develop a residual income doing all three of these as each one is independent of the other.

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