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Some Simple Ways of Attracting Money



If you have both these things, then you can easily make lots of money because by thought you can achieve what you desire and by acting you can obtain it.There are some ways by which you can attract money towards you, and the best part about these ways are that they do not require 18 hours of work in a day. Nor they require interaction with anybody. The only prerequisite thing is devoting some time. There are some easy ways. They are:1.    Tithe: this means giving 10 percent of your income or salary to the spiritual institutions. Some of the people think that they are giving money to the pastor of the church, and refused to give the money. Never try to do this mistake as recipient is the main source of spiritual institutions, and he is believed to be god. Thus, actually you are giving to a spirit. 2.    Bless your money: always bless your money in order to receive more. Open your wallet, take out the money and bless them. Always feel great and excited for the increase in money. There is no doubt that blessings increase the flow of money.3.    Freely spend your money: spend your money freely and receive generously. The flow of money will stop if you keep on holding the money. The flow will also stop if you give the money begrudgingly. Always maintain good relations with others. Never be stingy and mean with the universe. Money is meant for spending, so never hesitate or fear while spending the money. Never develop the feeling that if you spend money, you will not have enough. This feeling depicts the signals of poverty to other people. People who have lots of money but fear of losing it are actually not wealthy. They cannot enjoy their money, thus they continuously work hard to make more money. Therefore, always visualize yourself with more money.4.    Give some amount to the charity: build up a feeling to donate your money that is in need. Giving money for only tax purposes is not sufficient, your aim should be to give the money to the needy and expect nothing in return. Source: Free Articles from

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