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6 Supertips for earning an income with your own ebook.


** Always sell your own ebook from your own website.   This will allow you more control over your own product.

** Write your own website by using free or affordable    website software and focus on the main benefits that your   ebook has to offer.

** Put an autoresponder form on your website to capture   names and email adresses so subscribers will receive your   autoresponder email series about your ebook. Load your    autoresponder with valuable information regarding your   ebook eg. the main benefits that your ebook offers.

** Your ebook website should be to-the-point and offer your   potential customer an easy way to immediately purchase   your ebook through credit card.

** Make use of joint ventures with ezine publishers to sell   your ebook. Use a creditcard payment processor on your   website like clickbank that process affiliate commissions   instantly so that ezine publishers will have convidence    in your joint venture proposal.

** Write an article about the topic of your ebook in an   informative manner and have it distributed by article   marketing. Have a to-the-point resource box for your   articles with a link to your own website so that the news   about your ebook will spread across the internet.

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