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Day: February 12, 2020


Business PhotoBy jarmoluk from Pixabay

6 Supertips for earning an income with your own ebook.

** Always sell your own ebook from your own website.   This will allow you more control over your own product. ** Write your own website by using free or affordable    website software and focus on the main benefits that your   ebook has to offer. ** Put an autoresponder form on your website to capture   […]

A Little Goes a Long Way: Smart Secrets to Budgeting

The first smart secret to a budget is to set a goal. What do you want to achieve? Do you want to correctly appropriate your income into bills payments? Do you want to put an amount aside for a big purchase or a huge investment? By having a goal, you will be able to shape […]

Extra Income — that would be nice

Extra Income —- that would be nice…. In the mid 50’s, a family could survive on one income. Today, very few can manage on two. And that won’t be enough in another few years. It’s a shaky future. All of us would be wise to have multiple incomes flowing into our bank accounts. Prosperous people […]


Business PhotoBy FirmBee from Pixabay

A Simple Explanation of Supplemental Security Income

”; It’s a shame that not everyone in the world has equal advantages in life. People in life come from so many different walks of life. Some live in good neighborhoods, and some in rougher areas. Some make minimum wage, and others are quite wealthy. Some are disabled and others are not. This is how […]

The other faces of Loans

Loans help a great deal in keeping the economy growing. Countries, in fact, borrow from one another to finance projects that would help provide jobs for its people. With the right use of the borrowed money, the loan can triple and even quadruple. This is what most businessmen do. They borrow money to fund projects, […]

Does Your Business Plan Include Risk Management?

”; Putting together a business plan usually starts with a focus on an action plan that will lead to the operation of a successful business. How to achieve success is naturally what any new business owner should focus on but what about unplanned occurrences detrimental to the business?  Catastrophe is not something we assume will […]

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