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Learn How To Capture New Business For Your Award Shop


If you’ve been in business long enough, you know gaining new
business is important to the growth of your company.  In some industry’s new blood is the lifeblood
of the business and without it, you die. 
If you want to reach your full potential in your venture, then you will
need to have ongoing marketing strategies that will grow your business each


A large number of Award Shop owners desire to develop
corporate business and gain them as a regular account.  After all, who wouldn’t want to have a nice
repeat account with a corporation like, American Airlines or Wendy’s?  Gaining these type of monthly accounts can
increase your business and can also be used to secure other accounts as well.


Consider this … you have an engraving business and you
supply numerous products from plaques, trophies, badges, pens, etc … and you
want to develop an account with your local McDonald’s.  You may or may not know the owner, manager or
anyone employed there on a personal basis at this time.  However, when you do introduce yourself and
your line of business, be prepared to hand the “decision maker” an impressive
item.  Not just a simple business card
with your contact info, give them something that will cause them to remember


Here’s the idea … Most people enjoy receiving something that
has been personalized for them, something with their name on it.  You as an engraver have all sorts of items
you can engrave and present to the manager as gift, introducing your business.
Another impressive look is to have their company logo or corporate insignia
engraved on the piece as well.  I suggest
creating a “sample” of what you would like to do for them on a monthly basis
and plant the idea for them to present an Employee of the Month award.


Present the owner (or manager) with a 7×9 designer plaque
that has their corporate logo and name engraved on it, along with wording that
best describes the appreciation award. 
If you do not currently have their logo on file, you can obtain it quite
easily by searching the web for logos & clip art, one great source is  Additionally, create for
them a name badge that also has their name and logo on it.  Plan to leave these items behind as a free
sample, demonstrating your products and services.


Another nifty thing to do is show them a large perpetual
plaque.  Something around a 10×13 with a
nice brass header plate that has their corporate logo engraved large.  If you own a laser engraver, laser their logo
on black brass and present it on a walnut board.  Also, double plate the header with an
additional piece of gold brass and it will cause the engraved logo to stand out
more on the brass plate.


Having an Employee of the Month award is great for showing
appreciation to workers who do their job well. 
This will create an ongoing month-to-month award program that will
enable you to show off many other products you have available for them.  Think about it, if you are the one doing
their awards and then they need a banner for a special promotion, they’re going
to call you.  It’s your company that is
on the forefront of their mind, due to them calling or seeing you each month
for their Employee of the Month awards. 
Including getting additional nametags made for new employees that are
hired each week, month or quarter.


Establishing this type of account will enable you to
generate more accounts just like it. 
Imagine going to other establishments with the same idea and adding the
fact that you already do it for McDonald’s, Wendy’sComputer Technology Articles, etc… This gives you more
clout and in turn builds your corporate business faster.


Using these type of ideas to “get your foot in the door” is
sure to capture new business for your award shop and continue to grow your

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